What are eyelash extensions?

Semi permanent eyelash extensions are the newest eyelash enhancement procedure.  They are eyelashes made of a synthetic or animal fiber that is adhered to natural lashes at a one to one ratio. That is, one eyelash extension is adhered to one natural lash. Semi permanent eyelash extensions are different from false eyelash strips, clusters or individual lashes. Semi permanent eyelash extensions can provide a longer, fuller and more natural looking for a person’s natural lash and eliminates the need for mascara!

why are they semi permanent?

They are referred to as semi permanent because the eyelash extension will shed when the natural lash it is attached to sheds. When your natural lash sheds, its because another lash that is growing pushes it out! You do not lose the integrity of your natural lashes while wearing eyelash extensions.

how long do they last?

With proper application and after care, eyelash extensions can last for 4-6 weeks, but every client is different. Clients can enjoy eyelash extensions year round by following simple maintenance and after care instructions along with refill/retouch applications every 2-4 weeks.

how long does the service take?

Depending of the look and desired fullness, a fullset of eyelash extensions can take between 60-90 minutes. A refill/retouch appointment can take from 45-75 minutes, depending on the amount of time that has passed since your last appointment.


can i get my eyelash extensions wet?

YES! Eyelash extensions are safe to get wet. You can shower, swim, workout and cry with the worry of ruining your eyelash extensions. Part of the aftercare is cleansing your lashes daily with Natural Lashes Eyelash Cleanser that will be supplied to your at your first appointment. Water makes the adhesive used for applying eyelash extensions stronger!


does it hurt?

No! The service is pain free. Your eyes will be closed for the entire service, so feel free to take a nap!


how do i care for my eyelash extensions?

To insure your lashes to not shed prematurely and your natural lashes remain in a healthy state, do not tug, rub or pull at your eyelash extensions. Keep all oils and products containing oil away from the eyelash extensions. Cleanse them daily using Natural Lashes Eyelash Cleanser. When drying your eyelash extensions, use a piece of paper towel and dab your eyelash extensions while your eyes are closed. After they have dried, brush them with a clean mascara wand. Do not use a blow dryer to dry your eyelash extensions .Do not apply mascara to your eyelash extensions. Keep all cotton away from your lashes ( Q-tips, cotton rounds, cotton balls, etc.). Sleep with a silk or satin pillow case to ensure the cotton pillow case does not snag your lashes. Stay away from high heat.